Published on 2023-12-15.

This blog now has an Atom feed, and yours should probably too

Find it here or in the header on the top right-hand corner.

Imagine a world where you can see the content of each website you like inside the app of your choosing, read the articles offline and save them on disk for later, be notified whenever the website has something new, and all of which is implemented with an open standard. Well that was most of the web some years ago and this blog now does all of that.

This feed inside the open-source app NewsFlash (

And it’s not hard! The only thing we need is to serve a feed.xml file that lists articles with some metadata such as ‘updated at’ and a UUID to be able to uniquely identify an article. This XML file is an Atom feed which has a nice RFC.

I implemented that in under an hour, skimming at the RFC and examples. It’s a bit hacky but it works. The script to do so is here. And you can do too! Again, it’s not hard. Here goes:

And…that’s it really. Enjoy reading these articles in your favorite app!