Philippe Gaultier

I am a French-German Senior Software Engineer focusing on delivering simple, high quality software that's easy to understand, deploy, and troubleshoot.

Piesenkofen 8A, 84546 Egglkofen, Germany

+49 151 72465946





Senior Software Engineer Giesecke+Devrient, Munich, Germany; 2023-present

I work on one of the most promising Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) already used by several countries with real users and banks, with Rust, C++, Go, Docker and Kubernetes, with the highest levels of availability, correctness, security, and regulatory constraints.

There, I initiated and led the effort to rewrite an insecure and crucial C++ codebase in Rust running on 10+ platforms including mobile platforms, as well as mentoring teammates to learn Rust & C++.

Back-end Software Engineer & DevOps PPRO, Munich, Germany; 2017-2023

I wrote and deployed end-to-end Fintech web services that serve millions of customers worldwide with billions of euros in transaction volume, in a variety of tech stacks (Go, C++, Kotlin, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform), with high availability and regulatory constraints. I also helped moving multiple services from the data center to the cloud without disruption or customers even noticing. I also have taken on DevOps & SRE responsabilities such as adding logging, metrics, alerting, distributed tracing and performance monitoring to existing software in order to increase their reliability, as well as guaranteeing SLAs crucial to the business. I did on-call for business critical services, and I conducted numerous technical interviews.

Full-stack Software Engineer EdgeLab, Lausanne, Switzerland; 2015-2017

I joined a Fintech startup and helped the product (risk analytics & investment decision making application) go to the next level by introducing internationalization, OAuth, Continuous Integration, and upgrading to the latest language standards (ECMAScript 6, C++14), and worked among other things on the quantitative prediction algorithms in C++. The startup was later acquired by a major Swiss bank for a 8 digit number.

CNRS Intern Software Engineer experimenting with the Oculus Rift (VR) CNRS, Strasbourg, France; 2014

3D Oculus Rift (virtual reality) visualization software of astronomical data for pedagogical and research purposes in C, C++ and OpenGL 3.3.

Intern Software Engineer Crédit Mutuel (Bank), Strasbourg, France; 2013

I migrated a COBOL mainframe accounting application to a C# web application with some new parts in COBOL for one of the biggest banks in the country.

Technical experience

2013-Present : AWS, Docker, Git 20+ production applications delivered.

2018-Present : Kafka, Kubernetes, MySQL, PostgresSQL, MariaDB 10+ production applications delivered.

2018-Present : Go 10+ performant production applications in Go delivered.

2011-Present : C, C++, CMake: Delivered 10+ low level side projects and big, long-lived production applications in a wide range of OSes and platforms including mobile platforms.

2023-Present : Rust: I initiated and led the effort to rewrite an insecure and crucial C++ codebase in Rust running on 10+ platforms including mobile platforms as well as mentoring teammates to learn Rust & C++.

2016-Present : Zig & Odin: Enthusiast with several low-level open-source projects to my belt. I would love to work with these languages for a living!

Solid knowledge of x64 assembly, Terraform, Python, JVM, Dtrace. I worked on small and big production applications with those languages, but I don't see myself working full-time with those.

Miscellaneous knowledge of Ruby, Lua, Redis, DynamoDB, Lisp, Cassandra, SQlite. I worked briefly with those technologies at work or on open-source projects.


2018-Present : Several trainings and workshops by AWS

2012-2015 : Masters in Computer Science & Engineering Degree ENSIIE, Strasbourg, France

2010-2012 : Higher School Preparatory Classes Lycée Kléber, Strasbourg, France

2007-2012 : Abibac (dual French & German Highschool Diploma) Belfort, France